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Argon 18 Electron Pro
msrp $6,450.00 - 3.48 lbs
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Argon 18 Electron Pro
Electron Pro
$6,450.00 | 3.48 lbs

Argon 18

Aerodynamics and weight play a huge role in just about every possible discipline in cycling, but perhaps it is no more important than in track racing where not only seconds count, but fractions of seconds can make the difference between winning and finishing outside the top-10. With the Argon 18 track bikes, you will get the benefit of the Canadian company’s collaboration with the Danish national squad to create the fastest track bikes possible.

That the Danish national team has found so much success on the Olympic stage with the Argon 18 bikes should give you an idea of what their track bikes can do for you. With a choice of carbon and aluminum options, you will be able to find the perfect mix of lightweight aero advantage at the right price point. Whether you have dreams of hitting the six-day circuit or really want to tear up your local velodrome training session on a Saturday afternoon, the Argon 18 track bikes that you will find at Wrench Science will be able to help you shave those precious mini-seconds off your lap times.

And don’t get the idea that they would look down their noses at anyone thinking of entering a Red Hook Crit with an Argon 18. Many an in-the-know fixie fan will feel the electricity from the power of an Argon 18 Electron track bike. Order yours at Wrench Science and start perfecting your track stand.

If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Argon 18 Team:

Fernando Munguia
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 207
International | Direct +1 510-529-3052

Milo Baker
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 210
International | Direct +1 510-529-3042

Chris Ginsburg
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 213
International | Direct +1 510-529-3055

Alex Ratcliff-Jones
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 214
International | Direct +1 510-529-3054