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Time Alpe D'Huez 01 Ulteam Bike - 18
msrp $16,200.00 - 13.67 lbs
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Time Alpe D'Huez 01
Alpe D'Huez 01 - 18
$5,150.00 | 1.85 lbs
Time Alpe D'Huez 01 Ulteam Bike
Alpe D'Huez 01 Ulteam Bike - 18
$16,200.00 | 13.67 lbs
Time Scylon
Scylon - 18
$4,850.00 | 2.09 lbs
Time Scylon Disc
Scylon Disc - 18
$5,225.00 | 2.09 lbs
Time Izon
Izon - 18
$3,900.00 | 2.03 lbs
Time Izon Disc
Izon Disc - 18
$4,300.00 | 2.03 lbs
Time Fluidity
Fluidity - 18
$3,525.00 | 2.09 lbs
Time Fluidity Disc
Fluidity Disc - 18
$3,900.00 | 2.09 lbs


Time is a top-tier, botique French manufacturer of carbon fiber. If you are looking for the best carbon technology in the market and you want a lifetime warranty on your frameset, then you should rightly consider riding TIME. If you also appreciate innovations like pedal float or assymetrical chainstays, you can credit those to TIME as well.

For more than two decades, TIME has been shining as one of the brightest stars in the cycling universe. Thanks to the unrivaled technology engineered by TIME's "Research and Design" department, each new TIME product quickly becomes a standard and true benchmark in the demanding cycling industry.

Founded in 1987 by Roland Cattin, TIME engineers, manufactures, and distributes highly technical bicycle products. TIME’s illustrious history began with the introduction of the very first automatic pedal system designed to accommodate the biomechanical constraints of the rider—a revolution in pedal design. Since the beginning, TIME’s mission statement has been focused: innovate, in order to deliver high-end, technical products. From road and off-road pedals to shoes, TIME has steadily developed a complete line of innovative products for enthusiasts and racers alike. In 1993, TIME began to diversify with carbon composite frames, forks, stems, and seatposts, using their exclusive Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) technology.

Among all the bicycle manufacturers, TIME is the only one to master RTM technology - and better yet, they do so completely under their own roof. TIME enters the carbon manufacturing process one step before anybody else, weaving their own carbon tubing for a totally optimized composite. Every other frame manufacturer buys flat sheets of pre-impregnated carbon fabric, which severely limits the range of shapes possible on a bicycle frames and exposes the finished product to unnecessary variables that affect consistency in wall thickness and carbon strength.

A fundamental aspect of RTM technology is that TIME weaves its own custom tubular carbon layers in its factory in France. This allows TIME’s engineers total control over the technical characteristics of each carbon layer, choosing specific thread thickness, thread count, crossover angles, and wall thickness to match the desired ride qualities. TIME's carbon fabric layers are pressed into shape around a wax mold before benig injected with an epoxy resin. This internal wax mold is a pivotal advantage of TIME's RTM process: with no shifting of carbon layers or compression of the mold, the result is a consistently dense and strong carbon frame.

Learn more about RTM here.

High-end components imply a higher level of both security and quality. TIME doesn’t simply follow technical norms, they set them. After being dreamed up by the R&D department, before any sort of mass production, each product is tested against strict selection criteria—severe shock, aging, and fatigue tests. After the results are assessed, TIME exposes their products to the most demanding of audiences: professional riders.

The results speak for themselves. TIME has always been intimately involved with professional cycling. Two UCI Pro Tour teams are currently competing on TIME frames and pedals, a very rare and special occurrence, and 10 other professional teams that utilize TIME’s road and off-road pedals. Cross-country superstar Julien Absalon and BMX/mountaincross legend Jill Kintner have won World Championships riding TIME pedals. The most prestigious international competitions, such as the Giro d'Italia, la Vuelta a España, Paris-Roubaix, the Olympic games, World Championships and of course the Tour de France have been won with TIME products. The brand has rightfully earned an amazing reputation within the cycling industry. Since the 1988 victories of Jeannie Longo and Pedro Delgado, TIME continues to seek podiums and build on its prestigious and incomparable list of winners.
If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Time Team:

Chris Ginsburg
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 213
International | Direct +1 510-529-3055

Steven Barcikowski
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 207
International | Direct +1 510-529-3052