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Pinarello Dogma F10
msrp $5,999.00 - 1.81 lbs
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Pinarello Dogma F10
Dogma F10
$4,999.57 | 1.81 lbs


At Pinarello, research and new concepts are never simply “marketing pre-tests”, but rather, progress and innovation felt throughout the cycling industry. Despite the ever-growing demands of a frenetic market, Pinarello never cuts corners when it comes to pure research and comprehensive testing. Whether it’s new materials or new geometric solutions, Pinarello is the first to test their tubes, frames, forks, and components on the roads that surround them—testimonial sites of legendary feats from Montello to the Dolomites. And if they withstand these relentless tests, they are then passed onto champions and then ultimately, to you. This way, you can rest assured that Pinarello is offering you the very best.


Giovanni Pinarello, the eighth of twelve brothers, was born in Catena di Villorba in 1922. The struggles attached with rural farm life and surviving the hardships of two World Wars, greatly affected the life of Giovanni and his family. However, his modest and often impoverished upbringing was not enough to extinguish Giovanni’s passion for two wheels. Despite his deprived upbringing, Giovanni sought to make his mark in the cycling world—borrowing whatever he needed to ride. At the age of seventeen, he began competing in the junior’s category. Fueled by his fiery passion, Giovanni’s dream became a reality, along the way earned him many victories. In 1947, having won over sixty titles as an amateur, Giovanni joined the professional world of cycling. He continued racing until 1953, with five wins to his mention. With the end of his professional riding career, Giovanni turned to his other passion: building frames.

At the age of fifteen, Giovanni began making bicycles at the factory of Paglianti and continued to do so throughout his amateur cycling career. In 1952, an opportunity presented itself to Giovanni as a result of a major disappointment in his cycling career. Giovanni was asked to relinquish his spot in the prestigious Giro d’Italia in order to make way for an up and coming star, Pasqualino Fornara. His sponsor, Bottecchia, offered him 100,000 Lire—a great deal of money for a great sacrifice. Giovanni obliged and his loss later grew into his fortune, with the beginning and opening of the first and most renowned bicycle store in Treviso, Italy.

Pinarello was fortunate to be in a very economically prosperous area of Italy. Treviso was also synonymous with cycling and known for its manufacturing excellence. Giovanni’s intuition led him to take advantage of his newfound opportunity, and sponsor local teams. In doing so, he promoted the Pinarello brand while aiding the survival of smaller local teams, by providing them with whatever they needed to be able to participate in the competitive and expensive world of racing.

Over the past half century, Pinarello’s success can be attributed to the perfect balance of world-renowned craftsmanship, consistent innovation, and the same rider support that started it all. Pinarello bicycles have stood atop the podium countless times in a far-reaching variety of races: Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, the Olympics, and most recently, the World Cyclocross Championship. Every Pinarello bicycle features delightful attention to detail and phenomenal finish work, backed by a rich history written by the likes of Indurain, Riis, Ullrich, Valverde, Pereiro, Cavendish, Wiggens and perhaps even you.

If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Pinarello Team:

Chris Ginsburg
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 213
International | Direct +1 510-529-3055

Tim Medina
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 209
International | Direct +1 510-529-3040