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Colnago C68 Disc Road Shimano Dura Ace Di2 - 23
msrp $16,000.00 - 17.64 lbs
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Colnago C68 Disc Road
C68 Disc Road - 23
$7,099.00 | 2.04 lbs
Colnago C68 Ti Disc Road
C68 Ti Disc Road - 23
$7,999.00 | 2.06 lbs
Colnago C68 Disc Road Shimano Dura Ace Di2
C68 Disc Road Shimano Dura Ace Di2 - 23
$16,000.00 | 17.64 lbs
Colnago C64 Disc
C64 Disc
$6,889.95 | 2.02 lbs
Colnago C64
$6,199.95 | 1.98 lbs
Colnago e64 Ultegra Di2 Bike
e64 Ultegra Di2 Bike
$7,999.95 | 26.46 lbs
Colnago e64 Ultegra Bike
e64 Ultegra Bike
$6,799.95 | 26.46 lbs
Colnago V3Rs Disc
V3Rs Disc
$5,299.95 | 1.72 lbs
Colnago V3 Disc Rival AXS BIke
V3 Disc Rival AXS BIke
$4,999.95 | 17.64 lbs
Colnago V3 Disc Ultegra R8000 Bike
V3 Disc Ultegra R8000 Bike
$4,299.95 | 17.64 lbs
Colnago V3Rs
$4,989.95 | 1.72 lbs
Colnago Concept
$4,399.95 | 2.19 lbs
Colnago Concept Disc
Concept Disc
$4,699.95 | 2.41 lbs
Colnago Arabesque
$3,929.95 | 3.75 lbs
Colnago Master
$3,289.95 | 3.75 lbs
Colnago K.Zero
K.Zero - 17
$2,699.72 | 5.51 lbs


Colnago, arguably the most desired brand on the planet, has been producing race winning frames for the best cyclists in the world for over 50 years.

What began in a humble workshop in Cambiago, Italy is now known globally as the quintessential, race-bred bicycle. Many critics consider the Colnago brand to lie on the traditional side of the frame design spectrum. While this may hold true to a certain extent, it should not be ignored that Colnago was one of the first high end frame manufacturers to research and ultimately employ carbon fiber in their designs.

Today they continue to assemble the world's best carbon and steel road bikes by hand in their Cambiago factory. Much can be said about the Colnago paint workshop, which produces the most sensational and memorable color schemes on the road today. Unlike other bicycle companies, Colnago offers their best frames in a host of color choices, ranging from elegant to audacious! If you don't see your desired color scheme listed, ask a Wrench Science specialist about getting a custom job from Colnago.

At Wrench Science, we love Colnago bikes for their rich heritage and profound cyclo-wisdom but also for the smooth, confidence-inspiring handling of every machine they produce. This "true" steering is related to the straight-fork front end geometry and proportionately short top tube plus long stem combination, which altogether produce a thrilling cornering experience at top speeds. With a Colnago bike, you'll find yourself bombing through descents and pedaling fully through corners at higher speeds than ever before. This is not unlike the way one can confidently drive a Ferrari at 90 mph with just one hand on the wheel (though we can't officially condone such behavior!).

An additonal quality that Ernesto Colnago can boast most about his frames is the International Organization of Standardization 9001 certification that Colnago’s manufacturing process was granted in 1998. ISO is the globally recognized standard of quality that is shared across a wide spectrum of products throughout the world. Colnago is one of only a few in the entire cycling industry to have ISO 9001 certification.

Heritage, true-world race refinement and attention to quality are all aspects of the Colnago racing bicycle. From humble beginnings and through hard work, all the while with a deep respect for time-proven technology, Colnago has been successful in consistently providing professionals with the most reliable tools for their trade while simultaneously being able to offer the same machines to cycling enthusiasts of all levels. When you want the best, choose Colnago.

Ernesto Colnago began his relationship with the cycling world when, at the age of 12, he served as an apprentice in the workshop of craftsman Dante Fumagalli. Ernesto later tried his hand at amateur racing and was fairly successful until he broke his leg at the end of the 1951 Milano-Busseto Classic. Bed-ridden due to his accident, Colnago began building wheels, which in turn gave him the idea of starting his own business. Colnago would then go on to open his own shop and later wrench for the Italian national and various professional teams. He later would begin to build frames and even be the first person to cold-forge the fork blades of a bicycle fork.

One of the most memorable springboards for Colnago’s fame in the cycling community came in 1972 when Eddy Merckx established the new hour record (49.431km) aboard a bike built by Colnago. Over the years, the hour record distance was pushed further and further, with advances in technology aiding the riders. In 1994, Tony Rominger made two record-breaking assaults on the hour aboard a Colnago, with a final mark of 55.291km.

By 2000, technology was overshadowing athleticism in the hour record. The Union Cycliste International then set new equipment standards for any attempt on the hour record and honored Merckx’ 1972 Colnago-borne distance as the mark to beat. In the 80s and 90s Colnago would continue to refine his racing geometry and frame material use by the sponsorship and, more importantly, the intimate relationships he developed with numerous teams including Team SCIC, Del Tongo, Clas-Cajastur, Mapei, Rabobank and most recently Team Milram. Since 1974 there have been over 5000 pro wins on Colnago bicycles.
If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Colnago Team:

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Tim Medina
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