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Cinelli King Zydeco
msrp $2,399.99 - 2.20 lbs
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Cinelli Laser Mia
Laser Mia
$5,499.95 | 1.96 lbs
Cinelli King Zydeco
King Zydeco
$2,399.99 | 2.20 lbs
Cinelli XCR
$4,799.95 | 3.35 lbs
Cinelli SuperCorsa
$2,749.99 | 4.03 lbs
Cinelli Tipo Pista Bike
Tipo Pista Bike
$899.99 | 15.65 lbs
Cinelli Superstar Disc
Superstar Disc
$1,679.99 | 2.14 lbs
Cinelli Gazzetta Della Strada Bike
Gazzetta Della Strada Bike
$1,329.99 | 27.12 lbs


It’s 1948 and Cino Cinelli, a former professional road racer and winner of San Remo, Giro di Lombardia and Apennines starts a small company under his name. Cino had become frustrated with mechanical failures as a racer and tried in vain to interest cycling manufacturers with his novel ideas.

Cinelli focused his business on his beautiful branded stems and handlebars but also produced around 700 frames a year. Amongst these frames is the venerable Super Corsa or “Special Corsa” with its unique fast-back stays, sloping fork crown and incredible craftsmanship. The frames Cinelli made were of such high quality and rode so well that that they are to this day considered legendary and prized by collectors and museums worldwide.

The legend continues with Antonio Columbo of Columbus Tubing at the helm. Together, the legacy of the Cinelli company continues with incredible innovation and the production of some of the finest frames available, anywhere.
If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Cinelli Team:

Chris Ginsburg
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 213
International | Direct +1 510-529-3055