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Transition PBJ
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2018 Transition PBJ

Though we have it on absolutely no authority, the Transition PBJ might have been given that name specifically to remind you of all your great summer afternoons as a kid on your BMX at the skate park. And just like there is nothing wrong with a peanut butter and jelly being your favorite sandwich well into adulthood, you should have the same joy when taking out the Transition PBJ for great afternoons at the pump track with your buddies.

Actually, the PBJ, according to Transition, stands for Pumps, Bumps and Jumps, which is okay by us too. It certainly clearly states exactly why this bike has been created. It has been perfected for you to go out and just kill it at the bike park or pump track. It’s so much fun, you are going to want to get out your own shovel and turn your back garden into a pump track. This is a hardtail aluminum frame that has been designed to echo the old BMXs you probably grew up with, and then add the slacker head angle and lower bottom bracket to give it the sort of stability and balance that will give you the confidence to ride the tracks like you have wings. With the 100mm front travel you can be certain the PBJ will always feel well connected to the course, no matter how difficult the series of jumps you tackle. And since this frame will accommodate up to 2.3 inch tires on the 26 inch wheels, you can get some heavy duty traction out of this set up, if you are looking to take it on some particularly wild adventures.

What we really love about this bike is how ultimately pure and simple it is. The threaded 73mm bottom bracket secures the crank that turns the single speed set up, which will be a 25 chainring and 12 tooth cog in the rear if you are buying the complete bike. One 160mm rear disc brake, the SRAM Level T again if you are going for the fully built bike, will help keep everything under control. But that’s about it for modern conveniences. This is a bike that is just begging to be pounded, while requiring a minimum of maintenance. No fiddly gear, no rear suspension spacers to deal with, just a pure experience enjoying the essentials of dirt biking.

Though all of the bikes that are members of the Transition family are built first and foremost for fun, there is something particularly special about the PBJ. It really is designed to help you have an absolute blast every single time you take it out. The Transition PBJ will bring all the fun to the party, all you have to do is bring the sandwiches.

  • Frame: Alloy
  • Rear Triangle: Alloy
  • Fork Travel Range: 100mm
  • Head Tube Diameter Top: 44mm
  • Head Tube Diameter Bottom: 44mm
  • Headset Included: No
  • Bottom Bracket Type: 73mm | Mountain Threaded
  • ISCG Tabs: None
  • Cable Routing Brake: External
  • Front Derailleur Mount: N/A
  • Wheel Size: 26”
  • Brake Mount Type: 160mm IS
  • Seatpost Diameter: 27.2mm
  • Seat Collar Included: Yes
  • Rear Axle: 10mm x 135mm Horizontal w/ Taper Lock
  • Sizes: SM | MD |
  • Colors: Chrome, Oxide Red

  • WARRANTY: 3yrs
  • If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Transition Team:

    Steven Barcikowski
    Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 207
    International | Direct +1 510-529-3052

    * Individual experiences and results may vary.

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