Pinarello Dogma XC 7.7

Pinarello Dogma XC 7.7
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2015 Pinarello Dogma XC 7.7

As Pinarello put it best, “Sometimes something leads us to revise our way of thinking...this is the case: revolutionary!” Smartly utilizing the SOE -Simulation Optimization Evolution- System for construction methodology, Pinarello is once again breaking new ground in the MTB world with the design of the Dogma XC 7.7 + Fox 32 Factory Spec 27.5" or 650b.

The SOE System utilizes technical software in the initial phases of designing all Pinarello prototypes creating simulations of aerodynamic impact, stress, fatigue, and resistance in order to ensure that this mountain bike is engineered for impeccable form. The term dogma is something that is undoubtedly true; by rigorously testing their bike frames through the SOE System software, Pinarello can ensure that the Dogma XC 7.7 is built to answer the harsh, and exciting, realities of mountain biking.

The Dogma XC 275 MTB combines a great number of innovations to make it purely fantastic. Strong, firm, and durable, the 60HM1k carbon fibre for the frame is composed of Torayca Nanoalloy technology, which has “nanoparticles embedded in the carbon fibre mesh that explode on impact to prevent the fibre from breaking.” The carbon fibres are now “59% more resistant than conventional fibres,” certainly making the Dogma XC 27.5" a leader in safe mountain bike frames.

But innovation doesn’t end with the newest nanoalloy technology; innovation is more than tweaking the ingredients in a bicycle, it’s the form and design that really break new ground with the Dogma XC 7.7. The Onda Curve Asymmetric is a perfect example of how the Pinarello staff push the Dogma XC 7.7 to the next level. This hardtail MTB frame only dampens when it needs to, without a manual control, making it a unique revolutionary piece, thanks to the attention to detail in the rear chainstays and seatstays. The “rear stay Onda Curve Asymmetric has only 5 flex points, an extraordinary monocoque in which the kinematics function thanks to its exclusive carbon flexible arm that makes the quadrilateral rigid on even grounds and flexible only on uneven grounds.” Having a bike that softens on impact only when actually needed is undoubtedly every mountain biker’s dream, and thanks to Pinarello, this dream is finally here.

Another way Pinarello has helped make this rigid hardtail frame more comfortable to your body has to do with another profound change in the way the frame is designed. Firstly, the PINAFIT front triangle is a real right triangle, just like a road bike, providing you with that beautiful stiffness so that your energy is pushing you forward. All other mountain bike frames on the market have an extended front triangle and are therefore weaker and don’t deplete those painful shocks. Secondly, the rear triangle consists of Onda XC Twin Arms Asymmetric which drastically help to reduce the shock by simply not having everything connected in one spot. As you jump over that stream with the Dogma 7.7, you’ll land as softly as the gentle ripples in the water..

  • Frame: Torayca 60HM1K Nanoalloy Carbon
  • Fork: FOX 32 Factory Spec 1” 1/8 ~ 1” 1/2 Fork INCLUDED
  • Rear Stays: Onda Curve™ Torayca 60HM1K Nanoalloy Carbon
  • Bottom Bracket: PF30
  • Frame Weight: 1044 grams (Size 54)
  • Sizes: Sloping 15.75-inch (x-small), 17-inch (small), 18.3-inch (medium)
  • Frame Colors (Stocking): Black

  • Be sure to register your Pinarello on their website,, within 10-days of receiving your bike or frame to receive the extended warranty totaling 5 years.

  • WARRANTY: 5yrs
  • If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Pinarello Team:

    Chris Ginsburg
    Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 213
    International | Direct +1 510-529-3055

    Tim Medina
    Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 209
    International | Direct +1 510-529-3040

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