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Alchemy Arktos 29 XTR Bike
msrp $10,499.00 - 28.99 lbs
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Alchemy Arktos 27.5 Custom
Arktos 27.5 Custom
$3,899.00 | 5.50 lbs
Alchemy Arktos 27.5
Arktos 27.5
$2,999.00 | 5.50 lbs
Alchemy Arktos 27.5 XTR Bike
Arktos 27.5 XTR Bike
$10,499.00 | 28.99 lbs
Alchemy Arktos 27.5 XT Bike
Arktos 27.5 XT Bike
$5,799.00 | 28.99 lbs
Alchemy Arktos 27.5 GX Eagle Bike
Arktos 27.5 GX Eagle Bike
$5,299.00 | 28.99 lbs
Alchemy Arktos 29
Arktos 29
$2,999.00 | 5.51 lbs
Alchemy Arktos 29 XTR Bike
Arktos 29 XTR Bike
$10,499.00 | 28.99 lbs
Alchemy Arktos 29 XT Bike
Arktos 29 XT Bike
$5,799.00 | 28.99 lbs
Alchemy Arktos 29 GX Eagle Bike
Arktos 29 GX Eagle Bike
$5,299.00 | 28.99 lbs


What came first, the mountains or the mountain bike? Geologists might think that they know the answer to that, but any really devoted mountain biker could tell the scientists that one really wouldn’t matter without the other. The folks at Alchemy can tell you that. They started out as a company in Texas building road bikes. But the magnetic pull of the Colorado cycling scene grabbed hold of them, and with it, the inescapable need to create some seriously awesome mountain bikes.

With a fine team of engineers and designers among the crew at Alchemy, they dove directly into the full suspension game with the Arktos. Ready to hit the hardest trails, the carbon fiber Arktos comes with 150mm of rear suspension and 27.5 inch wheels. Slap a pair of 2.4 inch tires on that, and get ready to slash your personal best times while you shred your favorite trails. And like many of the Alchemy frames, you can go custom with the Arktos, and get the bike made according to your exact measurements.

If you are an XC mountain biker at heart, though, you will be thrilled to see that Alchemy has also moved into the hardtail sector with the Oros. The lightweight carbon fiber frame has been rubber molded to ensure a perfectly layered frame for a perfectly balanced ride. The low and aggressive geometry will appeal to the racers out there. Ready for mechanical or electronic groupsets, Alchemy has had the foresight to make sure it accommodates both a 1X and 2X setup, future proofing it for the time when we all feel like going back to a double crank.

If you are looking to buy an Alchemy mountain bike, whether you are into fast hardtails or full suspension descending demons, you will find what you are looking for at Wrench Science.

If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Alchemy Team:

Corey Williams
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 214
International | Direct +1 510-529-3054

Steven Barcikowski
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 207
International | Direct +1 510-529-3052