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Pinarello Dyodo Gravel Ultegra eGravel Bike - 20
msrp $7,999.00 - 27.56 lbs
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Pinarello Grevil+
$5,999.00 | 2.20 lbs
Pinarello Grevil
$3,500.00 | 2.20 lbs
Pinarello Grevil Ultegra Di2 Bike
Grevil Ultegra Di2 Bike
$6,300.00 | 19.62 lbs
Pinarello Grevil Force 1x Bike
Grevil Force 1x Bike
$5,200.00 | 19.62 lbs
Pinarello Grevil Ultegra Bike
Grevil Ultegra Bike
$4,950.00 | 19.62 lbs
Pinarello Dyodo Gravel Ultegra eGravel Bike
Dyodo Gravel Ultegra eGravel Bike - 20
$7,999.00 | 27.56 lbs
Pinarello Crossista+
$5,999.00 | 2.20 lbs
Pinarello Crossista
$3,500.00 | 2.20 lbs
Pinarello Crossista Ultegra Di2 Bike
Crossista Ultegra Di2 Bike
$6,300.00 | 19.62 lbs
Pinarello Crossista Force 1x Bike
Crossista Force 1x Bike
$5,200.00 | 19.62 lbs
Pinarello Crossista Ultegra Bike
Crossista Ultegra Bike
$4,950.00 | 19.62 lbs
Pinarello FCX Cross
FCX Cross
$2,199.00 | 4.41 lbs


Even if you believe the epicenter of cyclocross to be the icy woods of Belgium, don’t overlook the type of high-performance cross bike and gravel grinders that you can enjoy when you turn to the Italians. Just because Pinarello set the gold standard for road bikes doesn’t mean they are neglecting the off-road lovers among us. Quite the opposite!

In fact, if you have ever been lucky enough to ride in Italy, or even just watch the Strade Bianche race every spring, you will have a pretty good idea just what could inspire Pinarello to make some of the sweetest cross and gravel bikes available. They of course have a deep cyclocross racing pedigree, so it is not surprising that they would have devoted a ton of time and development into creating one of the most desirable carbon cross bikes in the pack. With sharp handling, rigidity levels that are equal to any frame intended to scale the difficult climbs of the Giro d’Italia, and flat mount disc brakes make the FCX Cross bike an ideal choice for the rider who is looking to try to win some lung-busting cross races.

Alternatively, if you are not that interested in racing, but really want to have a top performing bike that can handle backcountry gravel trails as easily as it glides over long stretches of tarmac, then Pinarello have the Gan GR-S Disc and Gan GR Disc ready for you. Both are amazingly comfortable and handle sweeping road descents or off-road adventures equally well. While the GR-S will come equipped with the Dogma Suspension System to add to the comfort levels, each has been excellently spec’d, and will give you hours of comfort and enjoyment over a variety of road surfaces.

Check out the options at Wrench Science for all your cross racing and gravel grinding needs. We’re here to help find that perfect combo for you and your riding style.
If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Pinarello Team:

Chris Ginsburg
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 213
International | Direct +1 510-529-3055

Tim Medina
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 209
International | Direct +1 510-529-3040