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Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar
msrp $2,799.00 - 2.43 lbs
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Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar
Chamois Hagar
$2,799.00 | 2.43 lbs
Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar AXS Bike
Chamois Hagar AXS Bike
$5,899.00 | 19.40 lbs
Evil Bikes Chamois Hagar GRX Bike
Chamois Hagar GRX Bike
$4,799.00 | 19.40 lbs

Evil Bikes

Please know that all Evil bikes are currently backordered. Please contact us to inquire about the leadtime on a factory complete or custom build.

Though Evil Bikes has long specialized in creating innovative mountain bikes, they have not stopped there. With their foray into the gravel bike sector, they have redefined what a dropbar gravel bike is capable of, and expanded all our imaginations about just how adventurous our gravel outings can be.

But please, Purists, do not think this is a brazen jump on the bandwagon. Far from it. Evil Bikes’ designers have done anything but followed conventional wisdom when designing their gravel options. Long, low and aggressive geometries as well as crazy wide tire options take Evil gravel bike options far further than most any other gravel bike producer, many of whom seem more interested in keeping a road feel rather than expanding the off road options.

We are firm believers that there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to these sorts of things; the variety of options is one thing that makes all these different manufacturers with all their different solutions such a gift to us all. But we do believe that Evil Bikes are helping to populate a section of the gravel market that gets forgotten sometimes: making dropbar bikes for those stoked shredders and downhill nutters dying to get off the paved road and deep into the backcountry. Adding the ability to use an Evil Bikes gravel bike for bikepacking and long distance adventures just adds to the overall appeal. Check out all the options at Wrench Science, and strike out on your own explorations.

If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Evil Bikes Team:

Milo Baker
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 210
International | Direct +1 510-529-3042

Alex Ratcliff-Jones
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 214
International | Direct +1 510-529-3054

Fernando Munguia
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 207
International | Direct +1 510-529-3052

Chris Castro
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 0
International | Direct +1