Zach Moore::A.K.A. "Zaxxon"

Co-Founder Zach Moore hales from the Heartland. Born in Iowa City, Iowa, Zach has been riding bikes since the age of four when he learned how to ride on his classic Schwinn Stingray. Zach has been in the cycling industry since he graduated from the Barnett Bicycle Institute in 1995. From 1996 to 1998 Zach rode Stock Trials for Free Fall Cycles based in BC, Canada. He was the first Mountain Bike tour guide on the island of Molokai, Hawaii and designed the 1998 Tour of Champions Cross Country race course at Molokai Ranch.

Zach was here from the beginning of Wrench Science. He helped to conceptualize and develop Wrench Science into what it is today. Currently, Zach is our Marketing guru, developing our marketing strategies and designing the advertisements you see on the web and in the magazines. He also doubles as a salesperson. One of the most knowledgeable bike nuts you will ever meet, Zach has helped many satisfied customers ride away on some of the sickest bikes in the world.

Zach is currently in the process of building a Maverick ML7 as an urban/dirt jumper. Also he can be seen showing off his latest acquired skill the crank-grind on one of the local loading docks in a new movie by Theo Dilworth, "Hella Greasy".