Tim Medina

As CEO and Founder of Wrench Science Inc. Tim has always had a penchant for seeing the big picture, planning, executing and winning. Haling from Pasadena, CA Tim started his first service shop out of his garage in San Francisco eventually moving to Berkeley and opening up Medina Cycleworks during the summer of 1994. Tim had a reputation as one of the best mechanics in the area and had people traveling from all over the greater Bay Area to see him. "I am very competitive and always wanted my shop and service to be the best. This included everything from creating a unique shop environment, to the quality of our work and last but not least our customer service". Medina Cycleworks started as a by appointment only high-end service shop. After a couple of years of building his business Tim started getting requests for custom configured bikes, "after configuring and building a handful of custom bikes I realized what was supposed to be a fun and exciting experience often ended up being painful and difficult both for the customer and the shop. I wanted to give the customer all their options but this was so labor intensive and inefficient it took all the fun out of the experience, I knew there had to be a better way". This exhausting experience combined with Tim's desire to set a new standard were the foundation which spawned the creation of WrenchScience.com, the industry leader and The World's Smartest Bike Builder™.

As CEO of Wrench Science Inc. Tim loves the challenge's that running a business has to offer. "Strategic planning, problem solving and working to reach our goals are very motivating to me. The more people say I can't do it the more I want to get it done and with style". This desire to succeed brought Wrench Science from a thought to an industry leader in online custom bike sales.

Tim loves to ride his collection of bikes and make Wrench Science grow. Tim encourages his employees to ride by offering extended lunch breaks for riding and also through the weekly shop ride. Currently Tim can be seen riding his Pinarello Prince Carbon or his Ciocc fixie.