Ken Dick

Ken is the Operations Manager here at Wrench Science. Born in Alberta Canada, Ken, A.K.A. Kenada, has been known to finish his sentences with the word eh, and eat maple syrup. He is the one responsible for getting the bikes out in time, packing the bikes, managing the programmers, the mechanics, the data and organizing just about everything else here at the shop.

Ken was a former Canadian National Duathlon Team Member and a middle distance runner at his University in Canada. One of the most competitive people here at the shop you will never see Ken at the back of the pack on our shop rides, he is always in front racing the clock up some of the more notorious hills here in the bay area

Ken is also an avid rock climber. A former X Games participant and devout boulderer, Ken has traveled the world climbing at some the best rock climbing areas Mother Nature has to offer.