Drew Stemler

Hailing from the Great Lakes state, Michigan is Drew Stemler, Wrench Science’s newest addition to the team. Coming from a background of crosscountry, road riding and downhilling, Drew has searched left and right, high and low to find the right combination of geography, people and experiences to get him where he is today. After a graduating with a degree in photography he hit the road from the flatlands of the midwest out to the mountains of New Mexico to work for BTI as the graphics guy. Landing in California and eventually at Wrench Science has been a textbook case of moving forward to the next logical step. We will let him sum it up. “I seek the higher knowledge and camaraderie that comes from spending time with other riders who share a common vision and goal. Whether it is going for the first ride on their new bike to helping the seasoned cyclist fine tune his or her race machine, I am confident and happy knowing that my customers ultimately and hopefully get the same feeling I do, an extension of body and mind, a new creature that is a harmonious blend of man and machine that glows with the "oneness" ... or at least until something goes terribly wrong and then you become the dreaded "twoness".