Avi Byer

You want to know how Avi feels about bicycles just ask him "In a nutshell cycling has saved my life." Raised on the wrong side of the tracks in New York City, Florida and New Orleans, Avi moved around a lot learning the ways of the street. In New Orleans Avi worked the streets as a street performer breathing fire in the French Quarter to make ends meet. Always on the move Avi ended up in Seattle and realized his life was heading in the wrong direction. His "Epiphany" led him to the bicycle. As he puts it "I got it in my head that I wanted to travel but I didn't have a car or very much money so I came up with the idea that I was going to ride my bike across the country" which he did for four years taking on jobs along the way at various bike shops where he learned how to wrench and more importantly, customer service.

As a sales representative here at Wrench Science, Avi's greatest satisfaction is delivering the customers their dream bike. If you’re happy he's happy and Avi's always happy. One of the most affable guys you will ever meet, Avi is always willing to talk bikes and help you decide on the right bike for you.