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Feel the power of Bushido, everywhere...

The Bushido is Tacx’s most advanced ergotrainer. This technically revolutionary design once more makes...


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2014, Tacx, Bushido Wireless

Feel the power of Bushido, everywhere...

The Bushido is Tacx’s most advanced ergotrainer. This technically revolutionary design once more makes clear why Tacx is market leader when it comes to trainers. The Bushido is completely wireless, you don’t even need to plug it into an electric point. This allows fanatical cyclists to ride wherever they want, indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the Bushido demanding riders can train at high level and with scientific precision. That is why it is the favourite ergotrainer of the pro riders, who only want the best of the best.

Triathletes, mountainbikers and cyclists… The Bushido is also very popular among other athletes. Triathletes use it intensely to prepare themselves for the highlights of their season, such as the Ironman in Hawaii. And mountainbikers simulate the steep climbs in the wild nature through the Bushido. Every fanatical athlete who wants to measure his own progress in a professional way, eventually falls for the Bushido.

Completely wireless The wireless Bushido has a powerful brake system which offers a maximum resistance of 1400 Watt. The system, that is fully incorporated in the housing, consists of a motor brake and a 2 kg computer-driven flywheel. This helps you to obtain a supple pedal stroke on steep climbs.

The brake features a series of LED lights. The red lights light up when the power output is high; when the power output is low, the green lights are more visible. The lights move on the rhythm of your cadence. The balance indicator on the display helps you to find the balance in power during cycling, in order to reach a steady and efficient pedal stroke.

Bushido: To measure is to know The Bushido has more to offer. The handlebar computer shows, through its graphical display, all the necessary training information, such as power output, heart rate, cadence, speed and time. The user-friendly Bushido menus allow you to start immediately. 99 Catalyst training programs for slope (-5 to +20%), power output or heart rate can be set in advance.

  • Ergotrainer:
  • Including Skyliner front wheel support
  • Handlebar computer with graphic display (ANT+)
  • Wireless communication between brake system and handlebar computer (ANT+)
  • No need to plug it in; train wherever you want
  • Cadence and balance measurement without sensors
  • Satori frame with sturdy front legs
  • Easy to assemble brake system
  • Universal fit for wheels with diameter 600 to 710 mm
  • Upgrade to Virtual Reality trainer with Upgrade i-Bushido (optional)

  • Stand-alone trainen

  • Catalyst training programs with slope (-5 to +20%)
  • Power output or heart rate
  • 99 programs can be set in advance
  • Brake force can also be adjusted manually while Cycling

  • Electro brake

  • Integrated brake system with powerful motor
  • Maximum resistance 1400 Watt
  • Supple pedal stroke on steep climbs through 2 kg flywheel with computer drive
  • High power output at low cycling speed

  • Training parameters

  • Training: Free training or preset program with slope, power or heart rate
  • Program: 40 programs with a maximum of 99 routes, based on time or
  • distance
  • Time: between 10 seconds and 59 minutes
  • Distance: between 0.1 km and 99.9 km
  • Slope: between -5% and +20%
  • Power: between 10 Watt and 990 Watt
  • Heart rate: between 30 bpm and 230 bpm
  • Opponents: 1 opponent
  • Average speed: may be modified in 0,1 km/h increments
  • Users: maximum of 8 (name: weight; sex; length; d.o.b.)

  • General parameters

  • HF receptions: analogue and ANT
  • Language: English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian
  • Clock / date: 24 hour clock
  • Weight: kg or lbs
  • Speed: km/h of m/ph
  • Consumption: kJoule
  • Sound: alarm signal heart rate limits and route transitions
  • Scale factor: 80 to 120
  • Calibration: for accurate power display

  • Training information

  • Speed: current speed, maximum speed, average speed
  • Cadence: current candence, average cadence, maximum average
  • Power: current power, average power, maximum power, total consumption in kJoule
  • Heart rate: current heart rate, average heart rate, maximum heart rate
  • Position riders: stopwatch, ride-distance, total distance, position in relation to the opponent
  • Balance: indicator provides balance in power distribution
  • Program: graphic display of total program and per route
  • Memory: checking earlier, score on Bushido. If linked to a PC, then data logging per second.

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