Colnago Concept - 17

Colnago Concept - 17
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2017 Colnago Concept

Colnago unveiled its first ever aero bike in a little castle in Germany just up the road from Eurobike. Fittingly, it was Ernesto Colnago himself who revealed it to the world. According to Colnago, his aim for the Concept and every other bike he produces is “to make cyclists faster.” And he delivered on that promise. So now there are three bikes occupying that highest rung in the Colnago hierarchy: The C60, V1r and the Colnago Concept.

Like many wind slicing aero bikes the Concept was developed in the wind tunnels. Colnago went through 41 versions to get the result that became the Concept: the ultimate in aerodynamics and speed.

The Concept weighs in at 995g without paint and 400g for the fork. So it won’t win any lightweight awards but it’s no heavyweight either. The stiffness numbers have this bike falling within just a few percentage points of the C60 and V1r, but it has less vertical compliance. But there is a flipside to this: at a zero-degree yaw angle you save 20 watts at 50 km/h. Do you care about saving watts? Saved watts means more speed at the same effort. And Colnago states that there are aerodynamic savings at every one of its eight sizes. That’s a big deal, and in the world of aerodynamics every bit is important.

The front of the bike is the most important part when it comes to aerodynamics, as it is the only part of the bike that meets clean air. Because of this, Colnago has innovated the front end to be as aerodynamic as possible. They took the leg shape from the V1r, but modified it to have more tire clearance and added aero profiling

Another aspect of the front end to receive innovation is the head tube. In the field of aerodynamics every bit counts so the headtube of the Colnago Concept sports an hourglass aerofoil figure. This shape helps it slice through the wind. It has a conservative taper as well, 1 ¼ to 1 ?, with a custom headset with cups constructed with nylon, carbon and elastomers. The reason Colnago innovated the custom headset is they wanted to avoid the harsh ride of some aero bikes. The headset reduces road vibrations by partially isolating the fork from the frame. So not only do you have a bike that is fast, you have one that is comfortable too.

  • Frame: Monocoque carbon
  • Fork: Concept carbon fork
  • Rear Stay: Carbon
  • Fork Axle: QR x 100mm
  • Headset Included: Yes, Colnago integrated carbon composite
  • Steerer Tube: 1 1/8” - 1 1/4”
  • Bottom Bracket Type: ThreadFit82.5
  • Cable Routing: Internal, electric or mechanical
  • Front Derailleur Mount: Braze-on
  • Front Derailleur Pull Type: Bottom pull
  • Front Derailleur Swing Type: Bottom swing
  • Wheel Size: 700c
  • Brake Type: Direct mount
  • Seatpost Diameter: Aero
  • Seatpost Included: Yes, +15mm offset or -15/+30mm offset available
  • Seat Collar Included: Yes
  • Rear Axle: QR x 130mm
  • Sizes: 42cm | 45cm | 48cm | 50cm | 52cm | 54cm | 56cm | 58cm |
  • Colors: CHRD, CHWH, CHBK, CHLB
  • Weight: 995g | 2.19lbs

  • WARRANTY: 2yrs
  • If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Colnago Team:

    Chris Ginsburg
    Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 213
    International | Direct +1 510-529-3055

    Steven Barcikowski
    Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 207
    International | Direct +1 510-529-3052

    Colnago C60 - 17
    C60 - 17
    Colnago C60 Disc - 17
    C60 Disc - 17
    Colnago Concept - 17
    Concept - 17
    Colnago V1-r - 17
    V1-r - 17
    Colnago V1-r Disc - 17
    V1-r Disc - 17
    Colnago Arabesque - 17
    Arabesque - 17
    Colnago Master - 17
    Master - 17
    Colnago CLX Ultegra Bike - 17
    CLX Ultegra Bike - 17
    Colnago CLD - 17
    CLD - 17
    Colnago  C-RS Ultegra Bike - 17
    C-RS Ultegra Bike - 17
    Colnago C-RS Ultegra Mix Bike - 17
    C-RS Ultegra Mix Bike - 17
    Colnago C-RS 105 Bike - 17
    C-RS 105 Bike - 17
    Colnago A1r 105 Bike - 17
    A1r 105 Bike - 17
    Colnago A1r Donna 105 Bike - 17
    A1r Donna 105 Bike - 17
    Colnago K.Zero - 17
    K.Zero - 17
    Colnago Impact Hybrid Bike - 17
    Impact Hybrid Bike - 17
    Colnago C60
    Colnago C60 Disc
    C60 Disc
    Colnago V1-r
    Colnago V1-r Disc
    V1-r Disc
    Colnago Arabesque
    Colnago Master
    Colnago CLD
    Colnago Strada SL
    Strada SL
    Colnago AC-R - 105 Bike
    AC-R - 105 Bike
    Colnago K.Zero
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