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BMC teammachine SLR01 - 15
msrp $4,999.00 - 3.04 lbs
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BMC teammachine SLR01
teammachine SLR01 - 15
$2,999.40 | 3.04 lbs


BMC was founded by American Bob Bigelow in 1986 to assemble bikes for wholesale distribution under the Raleigh brand. However in 1995 he lost Raleigh license and the BMC brand (Bicycle Manufacturing Company) was born. Like many of his Swiss competitors BMC was slow to begin producing mountain bikes when the well established companies made this important development in the bicycle industry. BMC’s only success was with a few niche products in the Swiss market and the company failed to reach the critical size required to ensure its continued existence.

In 2001 came a turning point thanks to the involvement of current owner Andy Rihs who set a whole new direction for BMC. Investment was directed into engineering, design and marketing to position the brand as a high-end leader with Swiss roots that embraced the company philosophy of Style, Passion, Precision.

Style is synonymous with their typical independent design through which we differentiate ourselves from our competitors. You can instantly recognize a BMC bike even without the logos applied by its characteristic technically inspired frame shape.

BMC products stand for pure Passion: On one hand the passion of our staff and external partners who put their heart and soul into our products and continually extend the boundaries of possibility through unbridled innovation. On the other hand passion stands for the dedication of our sponsored teams and their performance as worldwide ambassadors for BMC.

Precision defines our philosophy of absolute innovation and the manner in which we convert our ideas into reality. Together with our engineering partners Futec, Easton and OCP BMC develops and tests bikes that exceed the existing standards for performance.

The legendary team machine SLT01 that was developed in record time for the Phonak team is one of our most important reference products and influenced the shape of the entire BMC product palette. Other milestones in the short history of BMC is the revolutionary time machine TT01, one of the fastest and most successful time-trial bikes in the world, and of course the noble pro machine SLC01 whose frame is built completely using the revolutionary Easton Carbon Nano Tube technology. Technologies that are used in the development and construction of our road racing bikes flow directly into the development of our mountain bikes and urban lifestyle products. Successfully launched in 2004 the Fourstroke series with the efficient VPS shock absorber system was a ground breaker for us in the full suspension sector.

In an intensely competitive market BMC has turned heads with its innovative high-end products and strong marketing through international professional teams. Through successes in frame and suspension technology, with help from external partners and through focused investment in marketing BMC has turned the corner from an unprofitable company in 2001 with a turnover of CHF2.5 million to the internationally renowned company it is today with a turnover of CHF30 million and showing strong growth. BMC is in the top three in the Swiss domestic market and with distributors in 26 countries on five continents it is the only Swiss bicycle brand that is successful against international competition. And the success story continues: With exciting projects, investment in the latest technologies and continued growth in exports to Europe and around the world the innovative Swiss company will experience another growth spurt over the next three years.
If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our BMC Team:

Taylor Cody
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 210
International | Direct +1 510-529-3042