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Yeti SB6C - XX1 Pro Bike
msrp $11,599.00 - 27.10 lbs
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Yeti SB5C - X01 ENVE Bike
SB5C - X01 ENVE Bike
$8,999.00 | 26.10 lbs
Yeti SB6c
$3,499.00 | 5.89 lbs
Yeti SB6C - XX1 Pro Bike
SB6C - XX1 Pro Bike
$11,599.00 | 27.10 lbs
Yeti SB6C - X01 ENVE Bike
SB6C - X01 ENVE Bike
$9,699.00 | 27.60 lbs
Yeti SB6C - X01 Bike
SB6C - X01 Bike
$7,399.00 | 28.20 lbs
Yeti SB6C - Enduro Bike
SB6C - Enduro Bike
$6,499.00 | 28.66 lbs
Yeti ASRc 27.5
ASRc 27.5
$2,899.00 | 4.19 lbs
Yeti ASRc 29
ASRc 29
$2,899.00 | 4.19 lbs
Yeti ASRC - X01 ENVE Bike
ASRC - X01 ENVE Bike
$8,099.00 | 22.71 lbs
Yeti ASRC - Race Bike
ASRC - Race Bike
$5,499.00 | 24.25 lbs
Yeti ASRC - Enduro Bike
ASRC - Enduro Bike
$4,199.00 | 25.35 lbs
Yeti ARCc 27.5
ARCc 27.5
$2,000.00 | 2.58 lbs
Yeti ARCc 29
ARCc 29
$2,000.00 | 2.58 lbs
Yeti ARCC - X01 Bike
ARCC - X01 Bike
$4,799.00 | 23.37 lbs
Yeti ARCC - Race Bike
ARCC - Race Bike
$4,499.00 | 23.50 lbs
Yeti ARCC - Enduro Bike
ARCC - Enduro Bike
$3,499.00 | 24.70 lbs
Yeti 575
$1,700.00 | 6.61 lbs
Yeti 575 - XTR Bike
575 - XTR Bike
$6,599.00 | 27.90 lbs
Yeti 575 - X01 Bike
575 - X01 Bike
$4,999.00 | 27.50 lbs
Yeti 575 - Race Bike
575 - Race Bike
$4,699.00 | 28.60 lbs
Yeti 575 - Enduro Bike
575 - Enduro Bike
$3,499.00 | 29.20 lbs


Back in 1985 when mountain bikes were still called ATB’s and racing was just about the only time riders would see others of their kind on the trail, John Parker bought some frame jigs and started welding steel frames in the back of Matt Sweeny’s SoCal special effects shop. Taking these frames to the races was the only way to do R&D, and Parker found an enthusiastic response to his handiwork. Yeti Cycles was born.

1991 saw Yeti relocate to Durango, CO—fertile ground for the already famous company to grow into legendary status. Innovations from this period include Yeti’s early work with Easton to develop aluminum taperwall tubing and its collaboration with Mert Lawwill to create one of the best DH frames in the history of the sport. Unfortunately, Yeti, which had always been identified as a hardcore rider oriented brand, was sold to Schwinn in 1995, somewhat eroding their solid reputation. Another sale in 1999 to Volant Sports further muddied the brand’s identity. The spirit of Yeti Cycles was revived in November 2001 when a group of Yeti employees and bike enthusiasts purchased the brand from Gen-X Sports, who had recently acquired Volant.

Yeti has always stayed true to its roots in racing and real-world beta testing. Creating a factory team that boasts some of the greatest names in mountain biking has allowed Yeti to make bikes that are not only manufacturing masterpieces but designed around the needs of the these top cyclists. If a bike is good enough for John Tomac, Myles Rockwell, Missy Giove, or Juli Furtado, it’s probably good enough for you. Continuing the tradition of the best in the biz, the Yeti team now features Rich Houseman, Jill Kintner, and Tyler Klassen among others.

Yeti’s commitment to excellence and innovation is omnipresent in their current line-up. From the carbon fiber chainstays of the AS-R sl and the rail mounted suspension of the 303, to the definitive race hardtail, the ARC, Yeti is at once classic and cutting edge. Although the folks at Yeti would love to build all of their bikes here in the US, demand has forced them to contract the fabrication of the AS-X, DJ and 575 frames to a small custom frame builder in Taiwan. Yeti engineers regularly visit the factory to ensure the rigid quality standards for their frames are being met.
If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Yeti Team:

Henry Chen
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 214
International | Direct +1 510-529-3054

Ryan Edge
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 207
International | Direct +1 510-529-3052