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Ellsworth Epiphany XC 275 - 15
msrp $3,395.00 - 6.15 lbs
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Ellsworth Epiphany XC 275
Epiphany XC 275 - 15
$3,395.00 | 6.15 lbs
Ellsworth Epiphany Enduro 275
Epiphany Enduro 275 - 15
$2,695.00 | 6.15 lbs
Ellsworth Evolve Carbon
Evolve Carbon - 15
$3,395.00 | 5.69 lbs
Ellsworth Absolute Truth 275
Absolute Truth 275 - 15
$3,395.00 | 5.53 lbs
Ellsworth Evolution
Evolution - 15
$2,695.00 | 6.35 lbs
Ellsworth Enlightenment 275
Enlightenment 275 - 15
$1,395.00 | 2.87 lbs
Ellsworth Enlightenment 29
Enlightenment 29 - 15
$1,395.00 | 3.00 lbs


The history of Ellsworth Handcrafted Bicycles began like many of today’s success stories, in which the founder was passionate about a hobby and started a business out of the family garage. Tony Ellsworth, driven by a love of mountain biking, started designing a simple yet innovative hardtail frame for a select group of friends and racers. It didn't take long before he was boasting a pro team, and by then the garage could no longer contain what was happening.

His inspiration for designing full suspension frames came as a mixed blessing of misfortune and genius. Mrs. Ellsworth, recovering from a back injury, decided her hardtail was "too rough." Tony, not wanting to lose his favorite riding partner, immersed himself in advanced suspension theory. After many suspension prototypes, Tony’s hard work paid off and the Truth was born. This signature Ellsworth frame evolved into one of the most energy efficient XC suspension designs and has become a legend among mountain bikers. There is no denying the brilliance of how Ellsworth’s internationally patented Instant Center Tracking Technology performs. To truly appreciate it, all one has to do is ride an ICT Ellsworth over any type of terrain and it will be abundantly clear: their bikes are second to none.

But for those of you who like the technical low down, here you go: ICT™ is quantifiably one of the most energy-efficient suspension designs in the world. The design has received international acclaim due to the fact that the four-bar linkage technology provides up to 100% pedal power efficiency by aligning the instant center of the linkage on the chain torque line and continually tracking it throughout the range of travel. All ICT-equipped bikes feature 12mm pivot axles and oversized bearings for superior pivot stability and lateral stiffness under power.

What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means ICT allows pedal power to propel the rider forward without power loss, effectively avoiding the common suspension design flaws that divide pedal inputs into a wasteful combination of rearward and vertical bobbing motions. ICT bikes are legendary for their rare combination of responsive performance and plush suspension. Not only are the bikes energy efficient, they remain fully active under braking. What this means to the rider is a fully active suspension whether braking, pedaling, standing or seated.

The entire Ellsworth crew takes pride in their meticulous nature--producing only a limited quantity of handcrafted frames for riders that demand the best money can buy. Owning an Ellsworth, you will truly belong to a special tribe of people who find pleasure in riding a bike that is as unique as the rider saddled up on it. The patents Ellsworth holds are impressive and the designs are constantly proven through racing, testing and prototyping, ensuring the Ellsworth bike you ride is at the pinnacle of technology, value and riding enjoyment.
If you have any questions about this frame or bike, please contact our Ellsworth Team:

Taylor Cody
Toll Free: 866-497-3624 ext. 210
International | Direct +1 510-529-3042